Towing Officers Assessment Records (TOAR)

Maritime TOAR Assessments provides USCG approved, shore-side full bridge simulator training and assessments. We offer mariners the opportunity to complete all TOAR assessments in the presence of a designated examiner. The Transas Tug Operator Trainer is capable of simulating scenarios from Inland and Western Rivers to Near Coastal, Coastal and Ocean waters on practically any type of tugboat, including ASD-tractors, Twin-Screw and Single-Screw tugboats. Maritime TOAR Assessments helps you complete the training and assessments you need to upgrade your Mate/Master of Towing licensure.


  • TOAR Assessments
  • TOAR Training
  • Mariner credential consulting
  • OICNW endorsements, RFPNW assessments
  • Helm Training- (Commercial & Pleasure craft)
  • Vessel deliveries

Entry Level Mariner Counseling

If you are interested in entering a career in the Maritime Industry and not exactly sure how to chart your course, we offer entry level mariner counseling. Maritime TOAR Assessments can assist you in the process of becoming a merchant mariner. We stay up-to-date on the latest requirements so you can get underway in completing the documentation to acquire your Master of Towing Endorsement. It’s necessary to acquire the proper credentials to obtain employment in the maritime industry.

From completing the right training and assessment to ensuring that you obtain and submit the proper paperwork to achieve your upgrade or renewal the National Maritime Center and USCG REC offices without delay.


Class scheduling information:

Starting time 0800 Finish time 1700