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We have helped countless mariners navigate US Coast Guard requirements by offering complete TOAR assessments, training, and mariner consulting. We offer a platform to complete the United States Towing Officer Assessment Records (TOAR).

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Maritime TOAR Assessments provides mariners a platform to complete their mate/master towing endorsement. In partnership with the United States Maritime Resource Center, an independent, non-profit organization specializing in navigation safety, simulator training, and assessment programs. We provide USCG approved, shore-side full bridge simulator training and assessments. We offer mariners the assistance to complete all TOAR assessments in the presence of a designated examiner.

Our class is offered with a 1 on 1 designated examiner for your TOAR assessment class. Mariners are not grouped together waiting for a classroom to fill up. We offer individual instruction and attention to provide the best experience possible.

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TOAR Blended Course

As mariners transition to different waters throughout their careers a specific TOAR may be required.

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