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We have assisted countless mariners navigate US Coast Guard requirements by offering complete TOAR assessments, training and mariner consulting. If you have a US Coast Guard license, an endorsement is required. We offer a platform to complete the United States Towing Operator Assessment Records (TOAR). From United States Maritime Resource Center's training facility in Middleton, RI, we provide mariners the training and assessment they need to further their careers. Welcome to our website! From here you will learn more about Maritime TOAR Assessments and the U.S. Coast Guard Certified Training and assessments we offer. Contact Maritime TOAR Assessments today.


SUBCHAPTER ‘M’ IS HERE​! And Marine Safety Services​ is here to help you navigate through the maze of new regulations for your specific towing vessels. Decades ago, Congress mandated that the U.S. Coast Guard promulgate some of the most comprehensive and sweeping regulatory changes to come down onto one specific segment of the maritime industry, during its long history of maritime regulatory oversight. As of July 20, 2018,​ Towing vessels must now ​be in full compliance with complex requirements of Subchapter “M” and this will have a profound effect on your business moving forward.

At Marine Safety Services, we will provide customized​ solutions to our clients at affordable rates. We offer services specifically tailored to those companies electing to use the Coast Guard Option by working directly with the local U.S. Coast Guard (OCMI) on your behalf, as well as preparing you for their in-depth inspection process. This will assist you by cutting out the third party option, saving you valuable time and resources. The U.S. Coast Guard Sectors will be issuing your Certificate of Inspection (COI), regardless of which option you chose.

Call us today to see how we can help you navigate toward compliance!”

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We offer you the assistance and guidance needed for credentialing officers of towing vessels. Maritime TOAR Assessments provides mariners a platform to complete your mate/master towing endorsement. In partnership with the United States Maritime Resource Center, an independent, non-profit organization specializing in navigation safety, simulator training and assessment programs, we provide USCG approved, shore-side full bridge simulator training and assessments. We offer mariners the assistance to complete all TOAR assessments in the presence of a designated examiner:

  • Inland TOAR Requirements
  • Western Rivers TOAR Requirements
  • Near Coastal/Ocean TOAR Requirements

One of the best methods to obtain this endorsement for those mariners who already possess a mate or masters license, is a completion of a TOAR at Maritime TOAR Assessments.. The Towing Officers Assessment Records (TOAR) is a document that lists tasks to be performed or explained (as appropriate), in the presence of a designated examiner.


Captain Tom Rooney
Our Designated Examiner

An accomplished tugboat master with over 30 years of boat handling and leadership experience, Captain Tom Rooney is proficient in ASD Tractor, Twin Screw and Single Screw boat handling. He is a licensed USCG certified simulator trainer and a qualified assessor with the United States Coast Guard to instruct and professionally judge Mariners for their TOARs and Towing Endorsements. Captain Tom is also registered with the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Class scheduling information:

Starting time 0800 Finish time 1700

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