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Towing OfficersAssessment Records (TOAR)

Maritime TOAR Assessments provides USCG-approved, shore-side full bridge simulator training and assessments. We offer mariners the opportunity to complete all TOAR assessments in the presence of a designated examiner. The Transas Tug Operator Trainer is capable of simulating scenarios from Inland and Ocean waters on various types of tugboat, including ASD tractors, Twin-Screw and Single-Screw tugboats. Maritime TOAR Assessments helps you complete the training and assessments you need to upgrade your Mate/Master of Towing licensure.

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About Maritime TOAR Assessments

Since 2009, Maritime TOAR Assessments has provided mariners a platform to advance their tugboat careers. Under the guidance of Captain Tom Rooney, our designated examiner, we’ve helped aspiring mariners complete their Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR) requirements. We offer U.S. Coast Guard-certified, shore-side full bridge simulator training, and assessments. From our training facility, at United States Maritime Resource Center, we train and assess mariners for Inland, Western Rivers, and Near Coastal/Ocean. All simulator assessments are kept on file as a record of assessment for the U.S. Coast Guard. We familiarize the mariner with the full mission tug bridge simulator's components and navigation equipment. The tug we use is a SEA ROBIN class twin screw tug, commonly used by Crowley Marine. Take advantage of this opportunity to complete your TOAR training and assessments on our state-of-the-art simulator - contact Maritime TOAR Assessments today.

Entry Level Mariner Counseling

If you are interested in entering a career in the Maritime Industry and not exactly sure how to chart your course, we offer entry-level mariner counseling. Maritime TOAR Assessments can assist you in the process of becoming a merchant mariner. We stay up-to-date on the latest requirements so you can get underway in completing the documentation to acquire your Master of Towing Endorsement. It’s necessary to acquire the proper credentials to obtain employment in the maritime industry.

From completing the right training and assessment to ensuring that you obtain and submit the proper paperwork to achieve your upgrade or renewal at the National Maritime Center and USCG REC offices without delay.

Captain Tom Rooney–Our Designated Examiner

Captain Tom Rooney has been employed by Boston Towing & Transportation for over 35 years. He has been involved over the years in Company endeavors such as the LNG deep water port project off the coast of Massachusetts, RO-RO barge projects at Deer Island, Coastal towing from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Virginia, Ship assisting work from New York to Boston and dispatching of daily tug operations. He is a Designated Examiner for the company and presently holds a Master of Towing and Mate of motor vessels of 1600 tons / Near coastal. He holds a Vessel personnel with Designated Security Duties and Security Awareness endorsement. He presently sails aboard the Tug Independence as Captain, escorting Tug and barges thru Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal. He is a part-time Instructor at the United States Maritime Resource Center working with the Institutes Z-Drive (ASD) simulator Training. His wife Denise and Tom have three children and own a home in Hull, MA.

Transas Full-Bridge Tug Simulator

Recent trends in the marine industry toward smaller crew size, heightened public concern about marine safety, and changes in navigation have made Marine simulators a complete, realistic, and risk free-training environment suited for full-scale operational situations. Transas Tug Operator Trainer allows mariners to develop and demonstrate the skills needed to obtain or upgrade their mate/master towing license. From familiarization, standard operation, and watch-keeping to advanced operation, troubleshooting, and vessel resource management, this simulator is capable of training mariners for a full range of functions. Simulator training can be formalized into scenarios that are used for training and performance evaluations. Simulator-based training and assessment permit hands-on maneuvering in a realistic marine environment without interfering with the vessel's operation or exposing it to risk while underway. The integration of marine simulation into mariner training and assessment programs offers advantages and opportunities to improve human performance in real operating conditions.